Thank you VERY, VERY MUCH to EVERYONE who has recently donated requested classroom materials!  From used paper towel rolls, to antibacterials wipes.......Oreos, to toothpicks......and everything in between, THANK YOU!  Thanks to YOU, we have been able to complete numerous engaging projects, keep our room clean, and stock our classroom with much-needed useful items.  We greatly appreciate your generosity and support!

Today we were mesmerized by the fantastic performance by the Indian Trail Tiger Tales musical artists!  The 5th graders and Mrs. Lucci put on a performance to remember!  I watched as every student in our class sat as still as statues glued to every note, dance move, and the story that was unfolding before their eyes.  We had multiple older siblings performing in the musical, and are very proud of them.  Congratulations on a fantastic dress rehearsal and BEST OF LUCK at the competition in St. Louis!  Go, Tiger Tales!!  We'll be cheering for you!
Support the Indian Trail PTO tonight by attending the TOTALLY 80s BINGO night tonight at 6:30pm-8:30pm.  Come for fun, games, and prizes....and help our PTO raise money for Indian Trail!

THANK YOU to all of the families who have already completed the Fall Conference Confirmation Form previously emailed to everyone.  If you have NOT filled out the form or emailed Mrs. Petlak to confirm/change your conferences, please read below.

Click HERE to view the 2012 Fall Conference Schedule for Mission 125 (Mrs. Petlak's Class).  
Please look it over and complete the CONFERENCE CONFIRMATION FORM (click HERE) to RSVP for your scheduled time slot.  Completing this form is MANDATORY to hold your spot for conferences.  RSVP as soon as possible to help our Fall conferences run smoothly.  If you are unable to attend your scheduled time, please indicate the time you prefer (ONLY those time slots with NO NAMES are available for rescheduling conferences) on the conference confirmation form (HERE and listed above).

I look forward to celebrating your child's success with you and setting goals together for the remainder of this exciting 3rd grade school year!

Captain Petlak, Mission Control
It looks like we have the next Edgar Allen Poe or Hitchcock aboard Mission #125!  Nate was selected as one of the all-school winners of the annual Indian Trail Scary Story Contest!  We can't wait to read the story once Mrs. Grost publishes it.

Thank you to everyone who participated and a special congratulations to Nate and his family.  We are ALL VERY PROUD of you and so happy that an award-winning author is aboard Mission #125!  

Click on the images below or HERE to view our SPOOK-tacular Halloween concert experience and classroom party!  We had a SCREAM of a time celebrating this year!
  • multiplication
  • Strategies: repeated addition, arrays, drawing equal groups of
  • multiplication number patterns
  • XtraMath and IXL online

  • patterns in the sky, seasons, night and day, moon characteristics and phases
  • Coming Soon: Constellations
  • Vocabulary: star, axis, rotation, revolution, phase, lunar eclipse, telescope, constellation
We are making great progress through our curriculum and soaring through our learning targets!

  • Comprehension:  fact and opinion
  • Accuracy:  consonant blends
  • Fluency:  Voracious reading, smooth and expressive voice, choosing just right/good fit books, 5 finger rule
  • Expanding Vocabulary:  using context clues to infer meanings of unknown words

  • pronouns, plural pronouns (review)
  • simple subjects and predicates
  • compound subjects and predicates
  • editing


  • journaling, editing, revising
  • 6 Traits-ORGANIZATION & SENTENCE FLUENCY:  hooking readers with great introductions, transitions, and pros/cons organization strategy