Click HERE to access MONDAY's Satellite Learning Assignment:  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Please check back for weekend Satellite Learning Assignments to be posted.  I promise they will be FUN (but also educational), and will help prepare your child for our activities next week.  I will send an email and blog post when they are ready to be accessed by your child.

Our Astro-Cadets are LOVING the Satellite Learning Assignments, and we have seen POSITIVE IMPACT proving that participating in these activities at your Satellite Learning Station (your home) is improving our ability to complete activities, projects, and group work at school!  

THANK YOU for jumping in and participating in this learning extension at home!!  These activities are set up to PREP students for the day/week to come.  Building this background knowledge at home means we can spend more time on small group and 1:1 instruction, hands-on activities, and applying our learning......rather than listening to me lecturing on a lesson or watching an educational video clip as a whole class.  Time is PRECIOUS during our day, and Satellite Learning Assignments mean our Astro-Cadets come prepared and excited for the next day's learning activities.  

Students come to class prepared and confident (even if they need assistance, because they have built schema by completing the task before we complete an activity or I re-teach it).  Based on their responses to questions posed and self-evaluations (how well did you understand the video and activities) on each assignment, I come into the day knowing which students have mastered the skill (and need challenging extension work), which students need some help (to reinforce the skill and boost confidence), and which students would benefit from 1:1 or small group reteaching on each particular skill.  Receiving student responses the day before we begin activities means I come to school knowing EXACTLY how to serve each student for different lessons throughout the week and we can hit the ground running!

This is MEANINGFUL "homework" that allows for true differentiation in class to meet the needs of every child as well as promotes responsibility and independent learning/practice at home.  Satellite Learning Stations take our learning "to infinity.....and beyond!" (...the classroom to your home)


Click HERE or on the image below to be redirected to Thursday's satellite learning assignment.

Parents of Mission 125 Astro-Cadets:
Today your child should have come home excited to tell you about the newest addition to our mission website:  SATELLITE LEARNING STATION (online homework).  To view and complete your tonight's online homework, click HERE or on the picture to the left of this text.  

More information about Satellite Learning Assignments will be coming soon.  This is an exciting and effective method of taking learning "to infinity and beyond" the your home!
The 2013 NSSD 112 read-a-thon (iRead) is here!  In lieu of our usual monthly reading calendar for homework, we will be using the iRead recording form to document our reading between now and the end of the contest  (so that you don't have to record what you read twice on two different documents).  An informational note was sent home earlier this week with complete details for this event as well as the recording sheet.  

Join other students and some Indian Trail teachers to READ, READ, READ!

Come before school, during lunch recess or stay late on the scheduled dates and times to read and record minutes for the iRead for 112 Foundation program.  Earn up to 465 minutes for your 112 Foundation iRead reading log!

Students must:
1. Bring books with them to read for the entire time 
they are participating in the iTune into Reading session. 
2. NOT disrupt the reading atmosphere or they will be asked to leave. 
3. Read the entire time 
4. Write down the minutes on their official iRead form so the host teacher can initial the 
entry. This is a critical part to the program.

Students may be dropped off at the front door at Indian Trail for morning iTune into Reading. 
They will be directed to that day’s location. Students who attend the after school sessions must 
be picked up at 4:30 in the carpool line. There is no extracurricular bus for this voluntary 
reading program. 

Students do not need to sign up, you just need to show up and READ, READ, READ.
Every time a student attends a session to read and record a time, the student will be given a 
popcorn coupon that can be redeemed at school during designated popcorn times.

To DOWNLOAD the original informational letter and events flier, click BELOW.

File Size: 169 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

Earn up to FIVE bonus Class DOJO points by completing this week's NEW Weekend Challenge!  Type your journal entry and save the file.  Use the assignment form below to  upload and submit a journal entry. 

Choose one of the two topic options below:
1)  Do you love fall?  If so, write an entry detailing THREE reasons why you love it.
2)  What will you be for Halloween?  Describe THREE reasons why you chose that costume.

To earn all FIVE bonus points you must have the following:
-Introduction stating the main idea and hooking your reader
-3 reasons/details explained (see prompts above)
-Edit your writing for spelling and grammar!

Upload your journal entry file here:

Would you like something FUN and educational for your child to engage in over the weekend?  If so, I have a great challenge available!  If your child visits DOGO News (click on image below) and posts a COMMENT about a kid-friendly news article they read on the site, they will receive 5 bonus points!!!!  These bonus points will go towards their Martian Money payment to be used at our Galaxy Mall!!
  1. Click on image below to go to DOGO News
  2. Find a great news article to read.
  3. Comment on this BLOG POST telling me the following:  
  • Your first name
  • Article title
  • A few sentences summarizing the article
  • Your favorite part of the article

4.  DON'T FORGET TO EDIT YOUR BLOG POST FOR SPELLING, GRAMMAR, & PUNCTUATION!!  Points will only be given to students with correctly written entries, so check your work before submitting!
Each week, your child will receive a customized spelling list and either have 3 pages of practice either from their spelling workbooks or a stapled practice pack.  You may feel like he/she still needs additional practice to learn the words and be prepared for our Friday test.  If so, please use this extensive list of practice options featuring multiple-intelligence-based activities as a way to further practice spelling words!

Click on either the button below or the images of the practice pages to download the files.

File Size: 751 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

File Size: 2419 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

Download SpellingCity Instructions:

File Size: 359 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

ALSO, don't forget about SPELLING CITY!

Procedures for accessin our weekly lists is DIFFERENT this year, so follow the instructions below or click on the TUTORIAL file link to the LEFT for further information.

1.  Go to
2. Click on "FIND A LIST"
3. Enter the information pictured below.
4. Select your list color and correct week.
5. Practice with fun games and quizzes!