THANK YOU to all of the families who have already completed the Fall Conference Confirmation Form previously emailed to everyone.  If you have NOT filled out the form or emailed Mrs. Petlak to confirm/change your conferences, please read below.

Click HERE to view the 2012 Fall Conference Schedule for Mission 125 (Mrs. Petlak's Class).  
Please look it over and complete the CONFERENCE CONFIRMATION FORM (click HERE) to RSVP for your scheduled time slot.  Completing this form is MANDATORY to hold your spot for conferences.  RSVP as soon as possible to help our Fall conferences run smoothly.  If you are unable to attend your scheduled time, please indicate the time you prefer (ONLY those time slots with NO NAMES are available for rescheduling conferences) on the conference confirmation form (HERE and listed above).

I look forward to celebrating your child's success with you and setting goals together for the remainder of this exciting 3rd grade school year!

Captain Petlak, Mission Control


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