• multiplication
  • Strategies: repeated addition, arrays, drawing equal groups of
  • multiplication number patterns
  • multiplication and division problem-solving
  • perimeter and area
  • XtraMath and IXL online

  • immigration/immigrants, countries of origin, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, settling in America, citizenship, cultures and celebrations
  • Ask your child about the class "FAMILY" they have been grouped with and what "COUNTRY OF ORIGIN" they are assigned!!
  • Students will continue working in their family groups throughout next week.  Simulation activities include/will include, packing a suitcase for America (limited space for entire family, reasoning and justifying items packed), Ellis Island entrance/exams/etc., country of origin research and project, life in America beyond Ellis Island.........WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO OUR FAMILIES ONCE THEY ARE IN AMERICA??  Will they find work?  Will they be separated at Ellis Island?  Will some members get sent back to their country of origin?
  • This ties nicely to our year-long theme of working to build a space colony for the future because we are learning what it's like to come to a new land to live and the processes necessary or that we'd like to change when admitting people to our space colony!
  • Watch for PHOTOS in our SCRAPBOOK!
We are making great progress through our curriculum and soaring through our learning targets!

  • Comprehension:  Book Clubs (see tasks below)
  • Accuracy:  "Cross-Check" and "Back Up & Re-read" strategies
  • Fluency:  Voracious reading, smooth and expressive voice, choosing just right/good fit books, 5 finger rule
  • Expanding Vocabulary:  using context clues to infer meanings of unknown words

  • Magic Tree House Hour of the Olympics CLASS BOOK CLUB!!  Students engaged in collaborative book clubs as our entire class explored MTH Hour of the Olympics!  Roles and responsibilities included Summary Spy, Director of Discussion, Word Whiz, Trait Tracker, Clever Connector, Illuminating Illustrator, Queen/King of Questions, and Fact Finder.  Students also each had their own vocabulary journals to explore and document new words found in the text.  The experience has been great, and we are culminating the experience with group reflection projects next week.  More book clubs to come after winter break and WATCH FOR PHOTOS IN OUR SCRAPBOOK!

  • verbs, helping verbs, irregular verbs
  • editing

  • 6 Traits-ORGANIZATION & SENTENCE FLUENCY:  hooking readers with great introductions, transitions, and thesis statement; completing organizing planning page independently
  • Projects and writing assignments are tied to immigration and culture unit (see left).


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