Let's celebrate Earth Week 2013 by seeing how many Mission #125 students can bring NO TRASH snacks and LUNCHES!  We'll tally up totals each day, and students with NO TRASH in their lunch or snack packs will receive DOJO POINTS!

Suggestions are to send edible items that require NO packaging, or to send them in reusable/washable packaging that does not get thrown away.  

Send reusable water bottles. Avoid buying bottled water and sending children to school with it. Instead, fill a bottle with filtered water each night then put it in the freezer so your child has cold water to drink throughout the day.

We greened-up the art room too! Ms. Lee has engaged each grade level in projects where they are creating art from ‘trash’.  Students created many wonderful sculptures using only scraps and items that others would see as garbage. Take a look at these projects in the library. With each student’s creativity we brought trash to treasure.



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