Join us on Friday morning for a family breakfast to raise money for a new set of bass bars for the music room. (What are bass bars?! Those really huge, really low sounding bars that every child is drawn to when they walk into the music room!) Our current set of bars is tired and worn out, and we are raising money to purchase new ones. The fifth grade ensemble performing in St. Louis at a national music conference will be the first to use them, and then the new bars will remain at Indian Trail for all our students to use and play for many years to come!

When: Friday, September 28 at 8am

Where: Indian Trail lunch room (downstairs)

Who: All Indian Trail students, family members, and special guests welcome!

What: Bagels, cream cheese, hot chocolate and coffee

Cost: Suggested donation of $1/item, all donations welcome

Members of the Tiger Tales Ensemble will serenade you as you dine and enjoy morning conversation with our school community! Thank you so much for your support! (If you are unable to attend the breakfast but would be interested in making a donation or have any questions, please contact Mrs. Lucci at celucci@nssd112.org)



09/30/2012 7:42pm

Air in a can.
Someone in China invented a can of air that you can inhale.
China's air is polluted so he made clean air.
I liked that the bottles were only $0.80.


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