A group of 33 of our fifth grade students have been selected for a very special opportunity--in November they are going to be performing at a national music education conference held in St. Louis!  In order for the ensemble to sound as great as possible, we are hoping to upgrade a few of our older, more worn out instruments for them to take to the performance.  (Then after the performance is over, everyone at our school will be able to use the new, high-quality sounding instruments during music class!)

Please support the Tiger Tales Ensemble fundraiser this Friday as the ensemble sells Smencils (smelly + pencil = Smencil!) during lunch and after school on the playground.  Smencils will be sold 1 for $3 or 2 for $5.  (Or, feel free to make forego the smencils and contribute any amount that will help us reach our $2,600 goal!)  Thank you so much for your support!!



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