Earn up to FIVE bonus Class DOJO points by completing this week's NEW Weekend Challenge!  Type your journal entry and save the file.  Use the assignment form below to  upload and submit a journal entry. 

Choose one of the two topic options below:
1)  Do you love fall?  If so, write an entry detailing THREE reasons why you love it.
2)  What will you be for Halloween?  Describe THREE reasons why you chose that costume.

To earn all FIVE bonus points you must have the following:
-Introduction stating the main idea and hooking your reader
-3 reasons/details explained (see prompts above)
-Edit your writing for spelling and grammar!

Upload your journal entry file here:



Ivan Gilbert
10/07/2012 10:24am

What will I be for Halloween? Describe THREE reasons why you chose that costume.

I will be a Vampire, I like their teeth

3 reasons why I chose the costume:

1. Vampires are cool and awesome
2. Vampires suck blood
3. Vampires can fly


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