We are getting ready for hands-on space craftivities!

Multi-sensory, creative activities provide multiple modalities for students to experience learning.  The hands-on nature and high-interest level of these projects are perfect for reviewing and reinforcing the science concepts of moon phases, constellations, and surface design/texture of planets.  Please help us engage in these activities by donating needed supplies.  THANK YOU!
As a culminating activity to our study of moon phases, we will be creating Oreo moon cycles!  Students will HOT GLUE the oreos to their moon maps (as seen above) and will get to eat ONE cookie as a small special treat.  We need approximately 8 packages of regular Oreo cookies donated in order to complete this activity.  

    Thank you for donating!  Please indicate which item(s) and quantities of each you are willing to donate.  *8 pkgs. of Oreos    *Toothpicks    *Dried beans & rice  *Dried split peas     *Elmer's WET glue

In addition to creating paper towel roll stargazers with constellation disks (see post below), we will work to hand-create constellations with toothpicks and marshmallows.  We HAVE ALL of the marshmallows we need and DO NOT need any marshmallows donated.  However, we ARE in need of toothpicks.  Students will be allowed to eat a few marshmallows after they complete their constellation creations.   IF you would prefer your child NOT use/eat marshmallows, GRAPES are an alternative.  Please send in grapes for your child if you prefer your son/daughter NOT work with marshmallows.

To help students remember planets in our solar system, we will be creating textured artistic representations of our planets using dried beans.  As you can see from the example above, the beans allow for hands-on, detailed creations that will enable students to remember key characteristics of the planets.   Students will then write acrostic poems for their planetary creations.  In order to complete this craftivity, we need SEVERAL bags of different types of dried beans, split peas, etc.  We will also need WET GLUE (Elmers).


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