Please check back for weekend Satellite Learning Assignments to be posted.  I promise they will be FUN (but also educational), and will help prepare your child for our activities next week.  I will send an email and blog post when they are ready to be accessed by your child.

Our Astro-Cadets are LOVING the Satellite Learning Assignments, and we have seen POSITIVE IMPACT proving that participating in these activities at your Satellite Learning Station (your home) is improving our ability to complete activities, projects, and group work at school!  

THANK YOU for jumping in and participating in this learning extension at home!!  These activities are set up to PREP students for the day/week to come.  Building this background knowledge at home means we can spend more time on small group and 1:1 instruction, hands-on activities, and applying our learning......rather than listening to me lecturing on a lesson or watching an educational video clip as a whole class.  Time is PRECIOUS during our day, and Satellite Learning Assignments mean our Astro-Cadets come prepared and excited for the next day's learning activities.  

Students come to class prepared and confident (even if they need assistance, because they have built schema by completing the task before we complete an activity or I re-teach it).  Based on their responses to questions posed and self-evaluations (how well did you understand the video and activities) on each assignment, I come into the day knowing which students have mastered the skill (and need challenging extension work), which students need some help (to reinforce the skill and boost confidence), and which students would benefit from 1:1 or small group reteaching on each particular skill.  Receiving student responses the day before we begin activities means I come to school knowing EXACTLY how to serve each student for different lessons throughout the week and we can hit the ground running!

This is MEANINGFUL "homework" that allows for true differentiation in class to meet the needs of every child as well as promotes responsibility and independent learning/practice at home.  Satellite Learning Stations take our learning "to infinity.....and beyond!" (...the classroom to your home)



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