Today we ROCKED OUT with a song about area and perimeter (set to the tune that MANY of you parents will most likely remember from the 90s!!!).  We spent our "Martian Math Friday" APPLYING the skills of addition and multiplication through measurement explorations with area and perimeter.  Listen/watch the song below so that you can sing along with your kids to help them remember that we ADD to find PERIMETER OUTSIDE and MULTIPLY to find AREA INSIDE!

Weekend Challenge (5 DOJO Points):  If your child listens to the song with you, have him or her COMMENT on this blog post describing the rules for PERIMETER and AREA that they learned in the song!  Any other useful information (like that area involves square units) will be additional bonus points!!!
Our BLAST OFF BANK and GALAXY MALL will "be open" next FRIDAY (12/21), so this is a great way for your astro cadet to earn extra DOJO points before then to cash in and buy goodies before our break!!


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