We have an exciting leadership opportunity with our Kindergarten buddies!  The 100th day of school is coming up on February 8th.  Miss Weinstein and Mrs. Petlak have been brainstorming what we could do together for this special day.  We decided that our 3rd grade students will have the opportunity to VOLUNTEER to be on the 100th day planning committee for our buddies. 

IF your child decides to volunteer for this leadership team, they must COMMIT to planning with Mrs. Petlak and Miss Weinstein each day during recess between now and 2/8/13.  During that time, they will be working to create games, activities, and crafts that we will participate in with our buddies on the 100th day of school.  Please SIGN UP below if you and your child understand the commitment and your child would like to be a part of our committee!  THANK YOU!

    100th Day Planning Committee Sign-Up:



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