After reaching 2 million students with her Fall 2010 Live Webcast, “Read Now with Taylor Swift,” one of the world’s most successful singer-songwriters returns to in a LIVE Webcast about the power of literacy. In this new 30-minute online classroom/home event, hosted by national radio personality Trey Morgan, Taylor Swift shares “where reading can take you” and how great literature has inspired her writing. Taylor will also answer questions from students and perform a song from her new CD, Red.

Click HERE or on the image above to access the webcast.

***For BONUS DOJO POINTS, watch the video above and comment on this blog post!  Tell me your FAVORITE PART and THREE reasons why you enjoyed that part of the webcast so much!***
If your child was absent on this day, please remind them to go have their picture taken at this time. If you would like your child's picture re-taken, please send the old packet back to school with your child to turn in and be replaced. Please let your teacher know that you would like it re-taken.  Picture re-takes will take place in the small gym starting at 10am.

Thank you to the volunteers who have already contacted me about donating items for our upcoming activities!

We DO NOT NEED the following any more:
  • Oreos
  • Marshmallows

Please contact Mrs. Petlak via email if you wish to donate any of the following NEEDED items for our classroom:
  • Antibacterial surface wipes
  • Clear page protectors (top loading)
  • Highlighters
  • Erasable markers
  • Dried assorted beans, rice, split peas
  • Toothpicks


We are getting ready for hands-on space craftivities!

Multi-sensory, creative activities provide multiple modalities for students to experience learning.  The hands-on nature and high-interest level of these projects are perfect for reviewing and reinforcing the science concepts of moon phases, constellations, and surface design/texture of planets.  Please help us engage in these activities by donating needed supplies.  THANK YOU!
As a culminating activity to our study of moon phases, we will be creating Oreo moon cycles!  Students will HOT GLUE the oreos to their moon maps (as seen above) and will get to eat ONE cookie as a small special treat.  We need approximately 8 packages of regular Oreo cookies donated in order to complete this activity.  

    Thank you for donating!  Please indicate which item(s) and quantities of each you are willing to donate.  *8 pkgs. of Oreos    *Toothpicks    *Dried beans & rice  *Dried split peas     *Elmer's WET glue

In addition to creating paper towel roll stargazers with constellation disks (see post below), we will work to hand-create constellations with toothpicks and marshmallows.  We HAVE ALL of the marshmallows we need and DO NOT need any marshmallows donated.  However, we ARE in need of toothpicks.  Students will be allowed to eat a few marshmallows after they complete their constellation creations.   IF you would prefer your child NOT use/eat marshmallows, GRAPES are an alternative.  Please send in grapes for your child if you prefer your son/daughter NOT work with marshmallows.

To help students remember planets in our solar system, we will be creating textured artistic representations of our planets using dried beans.  As you can see from the example above, the beans allow for hands-on, detailed creations that will enable students to remember key characteristics of the planets.   Students will then write acrostic poems for their planetary creations.  In order to complete this craftivity, we need SEVERAL bags of different types of dried beans, split peas, etc.  We will also need WET GLUE (Elmers).
Please send in AS MANY empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls (the brown, empty cardboard roll) as you can this week!  We are making our own constellation stargazer telescopes in class.

    If you would like to donate disinfecting surface wipes and/or clear (top loading) sheet protectors, please complete the contact form below.  In the COMMENT box, please indicate which item(s) you wish to donate.  THANK YOU!

On October 25th, acclaimed author Margaret Peterson Haddix will be visiting our third, fourth and fifth grade students! You and your child can learn more about the author and preview her work at During her visit to your school, she will be happy to sign and personalize purchased books for the students.  The Book Stall in Winnetka will be supplying our book order for this visit.  Never fear, Kindergarten, first and second grade students, another author is scheduled for you !

Click the link below to DOWNLOAD THE BOOK ORDER FORM!

File Size: 326 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

It's TRUE!  Time is flying by this school year.  Don't miss out on any of the exciting upcoming Indian Trail events.  See events in the near future to the left and visit our home page for the full November calendar.  Click on the image to the left or the full calendar on our home page to be linked to the Indian Trail online calendar.
Howl at the MOON!  
Last week your child came home with 3 exciting papers:
1)  Science family newsletter with details about vocabulary, moon phases, and more
2) Complete moon phases handout
3) MOON JOURNAL!!!!!!  (Instructions for completing moon journal are inside the front cover)

Continue using your child's moon journal, record your moon observations this weekend (SATURDAY/SUNDAY).  SUNDAY evening COMMENT on this post letting me know what PHASES of the moon you observed over the weekend to receive 5 bonus Class DOJO points!  Keep recording for the next two weeks and have fun!

Did your child tell you that we watched a live webcast interview with J.K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter series) last week?  The interview was PACKED full of information about the writing process, importance of editing and revising, and details about how to develop characters and add juicy details as writers.  She spoke about her writing experiences as a small child and encouraged the students to read and write as much as possible.  Rowling also mesmerized us by reading her favorite passage from the first book in the series.  While we were not able to watch the entire webcast, what we saw directly impacted our writing workshop for the day!  Check out the replay of the interview, the Harry Potter Reading Club, and Pottermore site by clicking on the image below!