Each week, your child will receive a customized spelling list and either have 3 pages of practice either from their spelling workbooks or a stapled practice pack.  You may feel like he/she still needs additional practice to learn the words and be prepared for our Friday test.  If so, please use this extensive list of practice options featuring multiple-intelligence-based activities as a way to further practice spelling words!

Click on either the button below or the images of the practice pages to download the files.

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File Type: pdf
Download File

File Size: 2419 kb
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Download File

Download SpellingCity Instructions:

File Size: 359 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

ALSO, don't forget about SPELLING CITY!

Procedures for accessin our weekly lists is DIFFERENT this year, so follow the instructions below or click on the TUTORIAL file link to the LEFT for further information.

1.  Go to www.spellingcity.com
2. Click on "FIND A LIST"
3. Enter the information pictured below.
4. Select your list color and correct week.
5. Practice with fun games and quizzes!


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