Would you like something FUN and educational for your child to engage in over the weekend?  If so, I have a great challenge available!  If your child visits DOGO News (click on image below) and posts a COMMENT about a kid-friendly news article they read on the site, they will receive 5 bonus points!!!!  These bonus points will go towards their Martian Money payment to be used at our Galaxy Mall!!
  1. Click on image below to go to DOGO News
  2. Find a great news article to read.
  3. Comment on this BLOG POST telling me the following:  
  • Your first name
  • Article title
  • A few sentences summarizing the article
  • Your favorite part of the article

4.  DON'T FORGET TO EDIT YOUR BLOG POST FOR SPELLING, GRAMMAR, & PUNCTUATION!!  Points will only be given to students with correctly written entries, so check your work before submitting!


09/29/2012 2:34pm

A second grader attends school via an 'avatar'
the second grader learns though a avatar machine and he has allergies to tons of food.Then,there was a freshman who was diagnosed with a disease,so he couldn't go to school so he uses the avatar machine.My favorite part was was the photos describing the V*GO.

09/30/2012 7:11pm

Thank you for participating in our weekend challenge!
This article sounds SO COOL! It is a great text-to-text connection with the "Schools Around the World" story we read from our StoryTown books this week. I cannot believe kids attend school via an avatar. That certainly is HIGH TECH!

09/30/2012 8:58pm

The Person That Made Michael Phelps Feel Like A 'Crazy Bieber Fan'
Michael Phelps and Michael Jordon are alike.They texted but never met face to face before and Michael Phelps liked him as a kid even though he was from Baltimore.My favorite part was when Michael Phelps was nervous to met Michael Jordon!

10/01/2012 9:37am

The Person That Made Michael Phelps Feel LIke A Crazy Bieber Fan

This article was about when Michael Phelps met Michael Jorden.
He was called to go to a special place and they had him stand in a certain spot for about two minutes. THen when they told him to turn around right behind his was Michael Jorden. He started to hug him and they started to ask each other questions. They found out that they both love golf.My favorite part was that they have the same first name.

10/06/2012 9:07am

The Mid Autumn Festival people and pandas get to go.
People and pandas get mooncakes.
I like that the pandas get a break from bland bamboo.


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